Automation & Process Controls
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Midwest PLC is a systems integrator providing solutions for equipment and plant floor operations. Our electrical and control services are designed to reduce down time, increase yields, and boost productivity in your plant.
We provides the following services.

PLC Programming     HMI Programming     SCADA Programming

Process Control     Automation Control     Instrumentation

Electrical Design     AutoCAD     Panel Building

Field Service     Plant Networking     Troubleshooting/Repair
PLC Programming
  We provide expert level programming for all Allen Bradley and Automaiton Direct controllers. Simple well structured programming is a must, our programs are well documented and easy to follow. We have developed a library of reusable logic which saves development time and reduces software debug.   Standard Program Templates
Motor Control
Valve Control

Automation Direct



Allen Bradley



HMI Programming
We have experienct with Allen Bradley and Automaiton Direct HMI screens.
Plant Networking
When downtime can lead to the loss of an entire system of product, rapid troubleshooting of equipment is critical. Plant networks allow us to quickly access equipment controls to assist in troubleshooting and repair.

We currently support several plants using remote access. This is accomplished by first networking all of the controllers in the plant to a central PC. The PLC software and the program for each machine is stored on the the central PC and is accessable via the internet. This architecture allows us to access and troubleshoot equipment from anywhere in the world as long as we have internet access.

Electrical Design
MidwestPLC provides complete electrical and software design services for equipment control systems both new and retrofit.

We work closely with our customers to develop an electrical and control system specification to ensure that the final product fulfills the customer expectations. The specification includes power requirements, control architecture, hardware selection, programming techniques, sequence of operation, installation requirements and acceptance criteria.

Electrical Design
Using the specification, we will design the electrical system, integrate the hardware and design the control enclosures associated with the equipment.

Our documentation packages are detailed, precise, and complete, we have developed CAD standards to steamline the drawing process. A documentation package will be supplied with each system we build and the package will include electrical schematics, panel drawings, bill of materials, programs and configuration files.

Software Development
We will develop and document all software associated with the machine or process control. We begin with the engineering specification or criteria for correct machine operation and develop the PLC program, HMI program, SCADA system and custom data base interface, if needed. In some cases, our customers will request specific types of programming techniques; for example: subroutines, sequential function chart programming, tag naming conventions, file structures, etc.

We will provide on-site field installation of the assembled panels and engineering required to integrate the associated control hardware to the machine or process. We can provide the complete field installation or we will work with our customer’s in-house team or preferred electrical contractors.

Start Up
An integrator will be available on site during the start up phase of each project. They will test for correct machine or process operation based on the original acceptance criteria and will provide additional engineering support if changes occur during startup.

Panel Building
Midwest PLC offers an experienced professional team to support your control panel needs. We understand the importance of delivering a quality panel, on time, and at the most economical price. We can build to print using your drawings or our staff can design and build a panel based on your specifications.
UL Panels 
We can supply UL panels per your request. 
CAD Services 
All control panels and schematics are designed using AutoCAD.  We also offer AutoCAD services to our customers.  
Design / Build Service 
We can build a panel to your specifications or we can design a control panel to accommodate your present and future needs. 
Midwest PLC also offers on site installation and startup services.
Field Service
Midwest PLC provides field service for all aspects for your manufacturing operation including electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, machine controls and process controls. Troubleshooting & Repair Services
Electrical Controls
Variable Frequency Drives
Process Instrumentation
We are available 24/7 for scheduled or emergency service.

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